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Northern Beaches Directory



The Northern Beaches Directory

We’ve just launched the Northern Beaches Directory, an online community and business directory for the Northern Beaches…  The best and most economical place to connect Businesses, Community Groups and People  in the Townsville Northern Beaches area.

Here is the directory address:

Here is the Facebook support site:

We’d love you to have a look.  The website explains it all in detail but here’s a quick summary for you…

The Northern Beaches Directory serves five main purposes:

  1. Promoting local business

We provide affordable, comprehensive listings for Businesses.  Your business listing includes marketing (Facebook, email, and MUCH more) and participation in the Beach Pass promotion (see below).  Your listing price of $120/ year ($10/month) also includes a $10 donation to a Northern Beaches school or community centre of your choice and one complimentary Beach Pass  (an easy way to make back your listing price, plus more!).

  1. Encouraging residents to ‘shop local’Northern Beaches Directory Beach Pass

Participating businesses each provide a Beach Pass Member Offer  listed on the website (this can change monthly).  This is an exclusive offer for Beach Pass Members only.  Annual Beach Passes may be purchased for $35.  By actively promoting the Beach Pass Member Program, residents are enticed to shop locally to maximize the benefits of their Beach Pass.

  1. Fundraising for community groups

$10 from each Beach Pass is donated to a nominated Northern Beaches school or community centre.

  1. Promoting local community groups

We currently list more than 80 local community groups.  Please let us know if we can help you to promote a local community group.  (They list for free)

  1. Being a ‘Community Noticeboard’

We have free listings for Events.

We are a locally owned business ourselves and we feel that this will be very beneficial to our community.  We’d love to see you in the Northern Beaches Directory.