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Social Media

Social Media

Social media marketing is a huge untapped resource at your fingertipsSocial media small

You, the business owner, can have a personal relationship with consumers you would otherwise be unable to meet. Think about the family on the outback cattle station, the busy mother at home or the office worker on the other side of the world. Ok, you may already be servicing them with a website- so why social media as well? You’ve done the hard work, attracted the customer and made the sale. Your customer is feeling happy. Great. Now what? Will they remember you? Will they refer a friend? Most businesses struggle to find a reason to communicate with customers between sales. Social Media is the perfect solution. With social media you provide a forum where customers can engage with you regularly, actively comment on the positive buying experience, and share that information with their friends.

The simple fact is people will choose relationships over products every time.

One in every 7 people in the world has a Facebook account. That’s over 1 billion. And over 80% of social network users solve their problems in groups.

You can’t afford not to use social media.

So, where do I start?

Have you heard of LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or YouTube? Each has its own individual market. (For example, LinkedIn is a networking and profile site purely for business professionals) And, as such, each has its own specific style of language. We can establish your social network profile and help you navigate the social media channels to achieve exponential results for your business.

How will I write content?

Have you ever looked at a notice board that never changes its content? Chances are you’ll only look at it once. After we establish your social media presence, we’ll assist you with your content. Content must be up to date, relevant, and in the appropriate language for that media channel. Content can also be designed to collect important information for marketing to your clients. We can write regular content for you and post it across all the social media channels.

Tell me more…

We can sit down with you and discuss the best social media strategy for your business (obligation free). Just fill in the contact form or give us a call on 0412 737 117.